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Dec. 5, 2022

The year in photos: 2022

Like our iconic campus lamp posts, illuminating the path forward, Spartans, too, provided hope this year.

From amazing advancements in cancer research to the grand opening of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams and so much more, we found ways to make a positive impact and change the world for the better.

There was much to be proud of and reasons to celebrate, too.

Spartans took home jazz honors and Big Ten titles; we opened new spaces on campus where Spartans could learn and grow; we set incoming class records and we made our voices heard at the polls. We sent our research to space – yes, space!

We marched with the Spartan Marching Band. We spoke up and spoke out. We studied along the banks of the Red Cedar. We embraced our ever-expanding Spartan community.

And we always took time to marvel at the campus landscape that surrounds us.

Take a look at some of the photo highlights of 2022.

By: Kelsie Lane, Liam Boylan-Pett and Jennifer Trenkamp

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