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Feb. 2, 2022

Editor’s note: Find wonder

Remember last week when I said I was more of a summer girl? Well, what’s happening right now outside my window is truly mocking me. The snow is piling up and there isn’t any green in sight. That said, it is absolutely beautiful — from the warm confines of my office. I suppose when I go out later to walk my dog, with the right gear, it will still be a little magical, despite not being my favorite season.


I can’t deny the splendor of the trees decorated in white, the swirling flakes or the muffled silence a blanket of snow creates. Even when I’m dreaming of sunshine and beaches, I can find wonder in a February snowstorm.


I grew up in the Midwest, so winter weather has always been a part of my life. I remember ice rinks in our backyard, speeding down a hill on a sled, hot chocolate and building snow forts. I thought I knew winter until my husband was stationed in South Dakota.


While we were there, we experienced more snow than I had ever seen — enough to completely bury cars. I remember walking outside after an incredible storm and pulling on a wire at my feet that turned out to be an antenna. I had no idea I was standing on the roof of a car buried in snow.


The winds were so strong everything got knocked out and the temperatures were so low our water pipes froze. We went days without heat, lights or water. Yet, once we knew we were safe, we could appreciate the power of Mother Nature and the amazing landscape around us.


When you’re a Spartan, the campus landscape around you is stunning, no matter what the season is. I often hear from alumni who miss the sights and sounds of campus and especially the changing seasons. I’ve shared some short videos of spring, summer and fall on campus so now it’s time for winter. Even if you’re watching the snow outside your window wherever you are, check out 60 seconds of Spartan winter. It’s gorgeous.


If you’re like me and prefer warmer days, check out the other seasons and remind yourself what’s just around the corner. Here at MSU, we have something for everyone.


And, all Spartans also belong here. Our students come from all backgrounds and have infinite talents and passions. Like Julia O’Mara, who is president of the solar racing team. And Daniel Puentes, who is a podcasting physics doctoral candidate. They are both Spartans and they absolutely belong here.


Jesús Hernandez, a sophomore in James Madison College, comes from a family of immigrants who didn’t have the opportunity to pursue higher education. But he has found his place at MSU, forming relationships and finding his path to success. Read his Student view: Learning to become me to learn more about this enterprising Spartan.


Student success is a key component of the university’s Strategic Plan. That topic was the focus of a recent MSUToday podcast featuring Teresa Woodruff, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, and Vennie Gore, senior vice president for student life and engagement.  


While working toward success, however you define it, is important, it’s just as important to slow down every once in a while and appreciate the little things. Remember, even when there’s a storm swirling around you, take a deep breath and find wonder. It’s there, you just have to look for it. See the wonder in the world, Spartans. Then go out and create some for someone else. Spartans Will.

Lisa Mulcrone 

Editor, MSUToday


Photo by Derrick L. Turner


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Editor's notes