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July 19, 2017

That’s how the cookie crumbles

July 19, 2017

Wednesday? It’s really only Wednesday? Are you absolutely sure? I was thinking exactly that as I got on the elevator when a coworker sighed and said, “And it’s only Wednesday.” So, apparently, I’m not the only one who feels like this week should be over. It just seems like this week has already had enough minor mishaps in it to fill seven days. 

It started Sunday evening when I burned a tray of cookies. Then, I painted my nails and proceeded to run into the door frame smudging three of them beyond repair. As I made my way into the building Monday morning, my watch notified me the battery was low, meaning when I thought it had been charging overnight, it actually hadn’t. Five minutes later my watch was dead. (I’m estimating the time because, well, obviously…)

I had baked the cookies as a treat to my colleagues to celebrate the start of the #MSURoadTrip. I originally made some for a super fun photo shoot, but not everyone got one the previous week so I thought I’d make some more. Well, about an hour into the day (again, estimating because, dead watch) I proceeded to pick up the carrying container, which I hadn’t locked, and dropped the entire thing on the floor of the office. Cute little frosted Michigan mittens and Upper Peninsulas literally crumbled to the ground. Sigh, so that’s how it was going to be.cookies and coffee

The following day I rolled over my own foot with my chair and walked into a closed door. Systems we use in the office crashed – multiple times. The speakers on my computer started playing only static. I spilled water down the front of me, wrote on myself and found a new door ding in my car. (Seriously? I drive the tiniest Fiat, there’s literally no car door that should ever hit mine.) Tack on working past 7 p.m. every night and finishing some things up at home and by the end of Tuesday, it really felt like Thursday.

And then this morning I somehow turned off my alarm and woke with a start a good hour after I should have been up. While walking (quickly) into the office across some rocks on a temporary path, I twisted my ankle and did a completely graceless stumble, practically taking a header. I mean, it’s not like anyone noticed – just the large crew of construction workers standing right there. Lesson learned – wedge sandals and big rocks do not mix. 

At least I’m not alone. One of my coworkers mowed over a wasp nest this week. Another, who’d been waiting forever for a return call from her doctor’s office, answered frantically in the bathroom, being oh-so-careful to be quiet…and then walked in front of the very loud auto flusher, causing the receptionist on the other end to giggle.

But, these are just minor inconveniences. Like all good Spartans, I keep on moving and tackle the next challenge. I count myself very lucky that this is the worst life has thrown at me. Other friends and family are dealing with serious illness and the passing of loved ones. It puts it all in perspective and makes me realize my week has been absolutely great compared to theirs.

Rhonda Conner-Warren is someone you want by your side when the really serious bad days happen. A pediatric nurse practitioner and assistant professor of health programs, her compassion and skill have impacted countless lives throughout her career. Check out the FACULTY VOICE: Grace in a time of need, to learn about how she helped four members of a church congregation with medical emergencies one New Year’s Eve. Also, keep an eye out for her in an upcoming story being told from our #MSURoadTrip crew when they travel to Conner-Warren’s hometown of Flint, Michigan. 

Senior communication student Gabrielle Dolenga, is early in her career, but already learning the importance of working to make communities healthier. This summer she’s doing an internship with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, doing more than she ever expected. Check out her STUDENT VIEW: Real-world experience, to learn more about how she’s making new connections in the Detroit community.

The Detroit community is where our #MSURoadTrip crew is headed right now. They’ll be bringing some great stories to you, showing how Spartans are on a quest to make better days ahead for the people who live there and all around the state of Michigan. Make sure to follow along and be on the lookout for our digital scrapbook in August.

I’m sure they’ll have some glitches along the way – what road trip doesn’t? But they are Spartans so their determination and grit will simply kick into high gear. Spartans never let any setback keep them from pushing forward, doing their jobs and making a difference. Spartans Will. 

Lisa Mulcrone
Editor, MSUToday
twitter bird@LMulcrone


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