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Sept. 16, 2015

Fight, Fight, Rah Team Fight

Sept. 16, 2015

I rarely get sick. (Well, there was that whole cardiac arrest thing a couple of years ago. Go big or go home, right?) But regular colds and flu? I’ve been pretty lucky to escape those — until now. I felt the scratchy throat and stuffy head come on yesterday afternoon and by evening I knew my luck had run out. Unfortunately, I knew I had work to do that wouldn’t wait and, after all, it’s just a cold. So here I sit at home (no need to spread my germs) alternately blowing my nose and typing away. Hey, at least it’s a beautiful day and I can sit outside.

I could feel sorry for myself and put off what needs to be done, but that’s not the Spartan way. When able, Spartans will push through adversity, challenges and setbacks and simply get things done. It’s just what we do.

I think about Spartans on campus and all over the world working on the most challenging problems — disease, clean water, alternative energy, food security and more. I doubt any of them would let a little sniffle stop them. I think of the football game this past weekend — did our team give up after a bad play or missed opportunity? Nope. They simply put it behind them and fought on to an exciting and well-deserved win. Perseverance and tenacity is just part of the Spartan DNA.

You can find that spirit all over campus in classrooms, offices, research labs, residence halls and anywhere that you find Spartans. You can certainly find the fighting spirit in the 2015 Homecoming Court Ambassadors. This isn’t a court like you find in many high schools where the pretty girls and football players end up wearing a crown. MSU’s Homecoming Court members are selected for their outstanding achievements and abilities to be incredible leaders throughout their lives. They are simply extraordinary and embody what MSU is all about.

They come from diverse backgrounds and study a wide variety of fields. They have faced challenges and emerged victorious. They are smart and bold and understand the power of collaboration and partnerships. They are open to new ideas and determined in their pursuits. They are genuine and they will change the world. Each year when I meet the newest members at a reception hosted by President Simon, I am filled with awe at what they already have accomplished and where their lives are headed. To be honest, I usually feel pretty inadequate, but I’m always so proud that they are Spartans.

Check out this year’s Homecoming Court ambassadors in the MSUTODAY FEATURE: Spartans in the Spotlight, to learn a bit about them.

Mariam Alamiri is one of those seniors. She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and says she came to MSU for is a brighter future…and the snow. I can’t imagine the culture shock of coming here or the trepidation she must have felt when she arrived on campus. Yet, her first experiences as a Spartan made her determined to make the most out of her time here. Learn more about her by reading her STUDENT VIEW: Follow a Legacy.

Prabu David, the dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences clearly understands the responsibilities we all have to make sure every student realizes his or her potential. He also understands what it means to be a Spartan. He says, “resolve, patience and tenacity are integral to success and not all of our students arrive on campus equipped with these attributes…It is our responsibility to turn each aspiring student into a contributing citizen.” Read his FACULTY VOICE: New meaningful experiences, to learn more about his thoughts on the topic.

No matter if you’re a student, dean, researcher, football player or staff member — there are certain qualities all Spartans share. So while I sit here sniffling and drinking my tea, I’ll remind myself that Spartans never give up. Who will fight right through and get it done? Spartans Will.

Lisa Mulcrone
Editor, MSUToday
twitter bird@LMulcrone


Photo of students in the Mixed Martial Arts Club at Sparticipation by Katie Stiefel


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