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MSU Homecoming
Court ambassadors make
an impact on the world stage

Michigan State University Homecoming Court ambassadors fulfill many roles. They are researchers, volunteers, intercultural leaders, world travelers, and more. Their experiences, skills, and interests are distinctive, but they’re all part of a very talented cast called Spartans.

Selected for their leadership, community involvement, academic excellence, and Spartan pride, each demonstrates how Spartans make an extraordinary impact on the world’s stage.

Mariam Alamiri

Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Colleges: Broad College of Business,
College of Social Science

Major: Human Resource Management

Study Abroad: International Engagement Volunteering in Campeche, Mexico (spring 2013)


  • Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience student leader

  • River Trail Neighborhood intercultural aide

  • Saudi Aramco Scholarship Program
    student mentor

  • Jacobs Engineering intern

  • Leadership Institute at MSU community service chair

Throughout my journey, I faced struggles and hardships but I always believed in ‘Spartans Will,’ and I will continue to make a difference in this world. Being a Homecoming Court ambassador is an opportunity for me to be an inspiring role model to my fellow Spartans through encouraging them to celebrate their unique differences and to be effective members of the Spartan community.

Teresa Bitner

Hometown: Commerce Township, MI

Colleges: James Madison College

Major: Social Relations and Policy


  • Executive director, Association
    of Big Ten Students (2014-15)

  • Vice president for internal administration, Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU) (2013-14)

  • Vice president for academic affairs, ASMSU (2014-15)

  • Numerous committees and university council for MSU Academic Governance (2012-present)

My Spartan experience has been holistic in every way, allowing me to feel confident in pursuing my future endeavors post-graduation.

Bradley Disbrow

Hometown: Wheaton, IL

Colleges: College of Natural Science, James Madison College, Honors College

Major: Microbiology, International Relations

Study Abroad: Freshman Seminar Abroad in Italy


  • Team development executive, Spartans Fighting Cancer and Relay for Life

  • Dean’s Research Scholar,
    College of Natural Science

  • President, Honors College Dean’s
    Advisory Council

  • Member, 2013 MSU Global Medical Brigade to Honduras

  • Honors STudents Actively Recruiting
    (H-STAR) leader

I am always encouraged at MSU to think about the bigger picture, to think about how my actions and knowledge apply to the world. I think this mindset fosters the ‘Spartans Will’ attitude—one of forward thinking, of innovation, and of searching for ways to alleviate the problems our world faces. ‘Spartans Will’ is not a catchphrase to me. It is an encompassing educational schema, a worldview that endows Spartans with the capability and responsibility to serve the world.

Abbie Jankelovitz

Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI

Colleges: College of Social Science

Major: Psychology

Study Abroad: Italy (Summer 2012), Israel (Summer 2013), Australia (Summer 2014)


  • Peer adviser, Office of Study Abroad

  • Student ambassador, Student Tours

  • MSU Psi Chi—Psychology Honors Program

  • Undergraduate assistant,
    Abnormal Psychology

  • On-campus group fitness instructor

My passion for MSU goes beyond what I thought it ever could. I no longer view MSU as simply a school. I now see it as my home. To me, the words ‘Spartans Will’ mean that you are a Spartan for life. Just because you may leave the university, that doesn’t mean that you will lose your drive and confidence, which you gained at MSU. It is not only about what you do, but rather how you do it. Spartans make an impact, and I hope that I will forever bleed green.

Myya Jones

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Colleges: Broad College of Business, College of Arts and Letters

Major: Finance

Study Abroad: Costa Rica (Winter 2012), Cuba (Alternative Spring Break 2014), Belize (Spring 2015), France (Summer 2015)


  • President, Black Student Alliance

  • Google Bold Immersioner and MSU’s Google Student Ambassador (2014-15)

  • External vice president, National Association of Black Accountants (2014-15)

  • 2015 Giving Hand Scholarship Recipient, Epsilon Epsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

  • Guest student at the University of
    Texas-Austin’s Arabic Flagship Program Summer Institute (2014)

We know we can do anything, so we’re going to do everything we set our minds to.

Sa Li

Hometown: Tangshan, China

Colleges: College of Natural Science, Honors College

Major: Mathematics

Study Abroad: Belgium (Summer 2014)


  • Co-chair, Women’s Initiative
    for Leadership Development

  • Member, Phi Sigma Pi
    National Honor Fraternity

  • Member, Honors College Inclusive
    Excellence Strategic Committee

  • Undergraduate teaching assistant,
    Department of Mathematics

  • Intercultural aide

As an international student at MSU, I was facing more challenges than domestic students. But I never gave up. I was actively enrolled in student organizations and watched the leaders to organize meetings and plan events. I told myself to improve just a little bit every day. Never stop trying, never stop learning.

Marc Reed

Hometown: Owosso, MI

Colleges: Broad College of Business,
College of Social Science, Honors College

Major: Human Resource Management


  • Human resources director and chair, University Activities Board

  • Vice president and sergeant at arms,
    Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity

  • Participant, Alternative Spartan Breaks

  • Member, MSU Psi Chi Psychology
    Honors Society

  • Dairy showman, MSU Dairy Expo

MSU has challenged me in a number of ways that have helped me to gain a better understanding of who I am and what I want to do with my life. Knowledge like this will serve me for the rest of my life, and it is what I value most about my experience here at MSU.

Nathaniel Strauss

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Colleges: College of Communication Arts and Sciences, James Madison College

Major: Comparative Cultures and Politics, Journalism

Study Abroad: Israel (Summer 2015)


  • President, Jewish Student Union

  • Comparative Cultures and Politics senator,
    James Madison College Student Senate

  • Resident assistant, Case Hall

  • Representative, Residence Halls Association

  • Executive board member,
    Residence Education Staff Council

Being a part of extracurricular activities has allowed me to voice concerns and make positive change in the MSU community. Being involved has also helped me to work with many different kinds of leaders, teaching me the best ways to lead and do the best work I can do.

Kenneth Williams Jr.

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Colleges: College of Communication Arts and Sciences

Major: Communication

Study Abroad: Mexico (Spring 2013), Belize (Summer 2014), China (Summer 2015)


  • Resident assistant, Holden Hall

  • Site leader, 2014 Alternative Spartan Breaks

  • MSU Black Alumni scholarship recipient

  • Member, Bailey Scholars Program

  • Contributing author, Project 60/50 and
    MSU Library’s anthology on Civil Rights

When I first got to MSU, I had the visceral realization that I wanted to be phenomenal and have the ultimate college experience. I made the decision on move-in day in 452 of North Hubbard Hall that I was going to take MSU by storm! I knew that I could go down two paths during these four years. The path that is most commonly advertised in the media with excessive parties and alcohol or I could go down the path of leaving my imprint on campus in a positive way through campus involvement and internships. I chose the latter of the two.

Aarean Wooten

Hometown: Twinsburg, OH

Colleges: College of Social Science

Major: Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies—Human Capital

Study Abroad: Beijing (Summer 2015)


  • President, Human Resources Association

  • Charles Drew Science Scholar

  • Member, MSU Psi Chi
    Psychology Honors Society

  • PNC Financial Services intern
    (Summer 2015)

  • IZZONE student basketball section member

Michigan State gave me the opportunity to travel to the other part of the world where I was presented with challenges that fostered tremendous personal growth in such a short period of time. As an African American female and first-generation college student I could not have fathomed the opportunities presented to me at Michigan State. I am so proud to be a Spartan.