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Driving the future of mobility

Michigan State University is creating a premier ecosystem for research and development of technologies and systems that will drive the future of human-centered mobility for this century.

Advancing autonomous vehicles to usher in a safer future

Michigan State is leading innovations in technology that will evolve our transportation ecosystem.

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Mobility by the numbers


MSU colleges involved in mobility research


Research expenditures over the past 5 years


Researchers in key fields

No. 1

Part of research cluster producing most grads for mobility industry careers nationally

MSU taking the wheel with R&D, educating talent

The automobile industry transformed Michigan, and today universities like MSU are partnering with industry to reinvent the mobility landscape for our state and beyond. Few places are better equipped to develop top talent and invest in research that will lead to the creation of next-generation mobility technologies.

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Innovation in action

Hear from some of the students, researchers and professionals taking the lead on technology that saves lives, reduces accidents and makes transportation more efficient.

Beginning my journey in mobility research

Computer science senior Dominic Mazza conducts research with MSU’s mobility research group CANVAS as part of the Student-Organized Autonomy Research Group. Working in a cutting-edge field from day one drew him to MSU.

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Launching my career in mobility

Su Pang earned his doctorate in electrical and computer engineering, focusing his research on perception, or helping autonomous vehicles to see and sense their surroundings. He recently began a new role as a perception machine learning engineer at a self-driving delivery robot company.

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Achieving a high level of safety

Hayder Radha directs MSU’s Connected and Autonomous Networked Vehicles for Active Safety, working with researchers and students to develop solutions that will eliminate human error and save lives.

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