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Last Updated: November 18, 2021

Excellence for impact

At Michigan State University, Spartan excellence and our will to make a difference are making a better tomorrow for all. 

As one of the nation’s leading research institutions, we’re driving discoveries to address global challenges, educating the next generation of leaders and partnering with communities to create healthier, more sustainable futures for Michigan and the world. 

Spartans are engineering a healthier future

At Michigan State University, researchers are unlocking the power of genuine collaboration to drive discovery and create healthier tomorrows for all. Spartan engineers, including Christina Chan, are partnering with biological and health scientists to develop innovative solutions to challenges in medicine, like solving the problem of chemotherapy drug resistance in cancer treatments.  

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Spartans bring the power of art to life

The arts are a powerful force at Michigan State University. They form connections between disciplines, spur innovation, build community and increase cultural understanding. For students, faculty and the public, MSU’s investment in the arts helps amplify new voices and perspectives and creates an ongoing dialogue about the world around us. For artist, activist and art historian Dylan Miner, his art provides an opportunity to start conversations with students about seeing the world from new perspectives.

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Empowering Spartans with an entrepreneurial mindset

Michigan State University’s entrepreneurial mindset is instilled in Spartan students, no matter their major or experience level. People like Paul Jaques, director of venture creation at MSU, provide an ecosystem of support for student entrepreneurs — from helping them navigate crafting a pitch and doing competitive research to securing grant funding and moving into the launch phase. All that’s expected in return is for Spartan entrepreneurs to pay it forward by mentoring other MSU students on their journeys as innovators.  

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