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Oct. 29, 2021

Spartans bring the power of art to life

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Art is a powerful force at Michigan State University. It helps create connections between disciplines, spur innovation, build community and increase cultural understanding.

MSU recognizes the arts as “irreplaceable instruments of knowledge” that are embedded across the university’s academic mission.  

For students, faculty and the public, this commitment is an opportunity to amplify new voices and perspectives and to create an ongoing dialogue about the world around us.

For artist, activist and art historian Dylan Miner, his art — which focuses on printmaking and cultural and environmental themes — provides an opportunity to start conversations with students about seeing the world from new perspectives.

“Art provides an alternative way of both being in the world and seeing the world,” says Miner, interim dean and professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities and director of American Indian and Indigenous Studies at MSU.

“As a professor I’m interested in thinking about the very important role that undergraduate education plays in creating a more just, more equitable society, both here in the U.S., here in Michigan and globally, and Michigan State will continue to be a leader in that regard.”

See how Spartan excellence and will to make a difference are making a better tomorrow for all:


By: Anthony Siciliano, Jacob Templin-Fulton, Greg Kohuth and Meredith Mescher