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June 29, 2022

Podcast: Stanley reflects on a busy summer and potential record enrollment for the fall

You're in Detroit this week to congratulate the inaugural class of graduates of the Apple Developer Academy. Remind us of the academy's evolution and mission.

“The academy is a groundbreaking opportunity for individuals in Detroit and all of Michigan. And this is the first Apple Developer Academy in the United States. It's an opportunity for individuals 18 and above to learn how to code and develop apps for the Apple operating system. When students finish, they're well prepared to code for Apple apps and maybe even start their own companies.”

Back on campus, we're preparing for the coming academic year already. The MSU Board of Trustees last week laid the financial groundwork for the university's new fiscal year with approval of a $3.2 billion budget that supports goals outlined in our MSU Strategic Plan 2030. What are some areas of the budget you'd like to highlight for Spartans?

“Student success remains a critical element. A lot of the spending that we're doing going forward, and new spending particularly, is devoted to student success, particularly economically disadvantaged first-generation students and others to help them successfully matriculate and earn degrees at Michigan State University. Our goal is to keep Michigan State University accessible to excellence.”

Talk about the grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration that lets MSU continue our long legacy of service to the people of Michigan by working with Merit Network to expend high speed internet to areas of Michigan with limited or no broadband service.

“This grant is going to make a huge difference to people in rural areas who don't have access to internet or have inadequate internet to do the things they need to do. Something we take for granted here in East Lansing is something that many don't have, or they don't have in a way that works as well as it could.”

For the second time, MSU has earned a gold rating for sustainability achievements from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

“Our goal is to get to platinum before 2030; that's part of our strategic plan. We don't want to rest on gold. This is an issue that's so important for our students, faculty and staff, and our community. It's one which we take very seriously.”

President Stanley welcomes two new leaders to Spartan Athletics in softball coach Sharonda McDonald-Kelly and men’s tennis coach Harry Jadun. He shares his reflections on MSU’s Juneteenth celebration, too. And he reflects on the passing of former MSU first lady Joanne McPherson. She might best be remembered as the guiding spirit behind the creation of the MSU Safe Place in 1994, the first university-based shelter where students, staff, faculty, and their partners experiencing abusive relationships can find refuge and support.

President Stanley, any final thoughts as we settle into summer but already look forward to the fall?

“It's going to be exciting this year. Get ready to feel a crowd. We're looking at, perhaps, a record enrollment for this coming year. MSU has been a place that many students want to attend, and we're very happy about that. Vennie Gore is getting ready for the onslaught of the dorms, and the provost is getting the faculty and staff ready. We're adding advisors and more faculty and staff to help deal with the increase in students. And we're going to make sure that the quality of what we're doing is not hurt at all by the number of students. Instead, we'll have more outstanding individuals getting an MSU education and more opportunities for our current students to meet people from around the world and get to know what a great university is first-hand.”

Read the president's June 2022 Spartan Community Letter here

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