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Jan. 27, 2022

I'm Julia, and I am a Spartan

January 27, 2022


Michigan State University senior Julia O’Mara puts her mechanical engineering major to use as president of the solar racing team. She leads a team of more than 70 students as they race across the country with the car they built.

“I’m super passionate about the dedicated student organizations here. I’ve met so many interesting, kind people and have established some lifelong friendships,” she says.

One of her favorite MSU memories is the 10-day education abroad trip to Costa Rica where she had the opportunity to eat incredible homemade meals and travel by canoe. Her on-campus experience has been equally as special.

“I’m not the ‘stereotypical engineer.’ I’m extroverted. I love to sing and have been a member of the underwater hockey team. I’ve had many opportunities to embrace all parts of myself at MSU.”



Kalil Olsen at Spartan Stadium holding a mellophone

By: Ellen Doepke and Deon Foster