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Oct. 18, 2021

New podcast discusses intersection of life and technology

Social scientist Prabu David hosts 'Life, Meet Tech,' a new podcast featuring conversations about living our lives with technology.

WKAR Public Media at Michigan State University announced the launch of "Life, Meet Tech," a new weekly podcast exploring the ways in which our daily lives intersect with technology and the impact technology has on us.

How does technology help us live our best life, and how does it hold us back? How can we harness the power of tech for good, and how does it hurt us? "Life, Meet Tech" explores these questions and more.

Prabu David behind his podcasting microphone

The podcast is hosted by social scientist and technology enthusiast Prabu David, dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at MSU. Each episode features lively and provocative conversations with an array of notable experts, authors, journalists, and industry leaders on all things tech-life.

"I'm a social scientist who studies the influence of technology in our lives," said David. "How does technology affect us? What does the future hold, and how do we make sense of all this? These are the things I'm curious about."

For the full story, visit the WKAR Public Media website.

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