Published: April 10, 2020

Joanna Bartz: Balancing academics and athletics at the highest levels

Contact(s): Matt Larson Athletics office: (517) 355-2271

Joanna Bartz's love for softball began at age five, starting with T-ball at her local home park in Mattawan, Michigan. Her love soon turned into a skilled passion as Bartz grew.

She was Michigan's Miss Softball, and then chose to come play third base for Michigan State. Bartz is now a junior, combining her softball career with her long-standing love for science. She is majoring in human biology, walking a path in medicine laid down by her mother.

"From hearing my mom talk about her experience and the doctors, I decided to go into human biology with the goal of becoming a physician assistant, but now that is 'Plan B'," said Bartz, who said her mom worked at a hospital.

"Plan A" is now keeping her involvement with high level softball going.

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