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Aug. 22, 2018

Drop in the bucket

Aug. 22, 2018

We all have them. Whether you have it written down, in your head or maybe Great Wall of Chinajust in your subconscious, you still have one. I’m talking about a bucket list – that list of things you want to do in your life. Maybe the content involves travel, food, activities or accomplishments. Most likely, it’s a mix of a lot of things. Maybe it’s 100 things or maybe just 10. It’s possible that there might only be one thing on it. Even if you think you don’t have one, I guarantee that somewhere rolling around in your mind are bits of things you think about saying, “I want to do that someday.” Simply put, that’s a bucket list. 

I don’t have an actual list anywhere, but throughout my life there have been a ton of things I’ve wished to do. The list grows and shrinks and sometimes I do things I didn’t even realize were on it until I’ve done them – like traveling to Rwanda or flying with an astronaut. I’m incredibly fortunate – I’ve been able to check a ton of things off of mine throughout the years.  For a long time, getting my college degree was at the top and thanks to MSU, that one was checked off with a flourish.

woman with Sparty mascotWhen you’re a Spartan, there are bucket lists specifically for your experience at college. I take it a step further – I’ve expanded mine to include my time as an alumna and staff member. Graduating is a given, but things like painting the rock, studying abroad, selfies at the Spartan statue or taking a photo with Sparty, are things every Spartan should do. (I’m actually embarrassed about how many photos with Sparty I’ve taken.)

Since it’s almost the start of a new school year and a fresh group of students will soon be on campus, a few of my very talented colleagues put together a great list of 50 things every Spartan should do. They also created an awesome video that might make you tear up or get goosebumps (Or maybe I’m just overly emotional). Don’t miss the MSUTODAY FEATURE: Spartan Bucket List. Watch the video, wipe your eyes and then see how many you’ve done. I’ve done 37, which I consider to be pretty good. Though I will say, I did a lot of them after I was a student here so everyone still has plenty of time!

I’m going to get to work on those I haven’t done, like trying every flavor of Dairy Store ice cream and eating in every dining hall (which will then force me to run the Dino Dash 5K.)

Shokhari Tate is a junior majoring in kinesiology in the College of Education and is well on his way of checking things off. He spent time this summer studying abroad in Greece. Not only did he learn about contemporary culture, politics and society, he had the opportunity to volunteer in a refugee camp, working with unaccompanied children. Check out his STUDENT VIEW: An unforgettable experience, to learn more about his time abroad.selfie with woman, dog and spartan statue

As I said, I think the Spartan list stretches beyond students. I didn’t paint the rock until I was working here but I still check it off the list. Julie Viollaz is a postdoctoral research associate and a wildlife crime specialist. Do research? Check. Study abroad? Yep…currently working on an anti-poaching project in Vietnam. Read her FACULTY VOICE: Conservation and Collegiality, to learn more about her work.

The list we’re sharing has 50 items on it but they're really just a drop in the bucket. There are endless opportunities for Spartans. We could have had a list of 100 or even 500 things that Spartans might aspire to do. I’m certain some personal lists out there include earning a perfect grade point average, performing on stage, writing a book, cleaning up the environment, running for office, teaching children or even curing disease. For Spartans, the list of ways to improve the world keeps growing – and we’ll keep working until every item is checked off. #SpartansWill.


Lisa Mulcrone
Editor, MSUToday
twitter bird@LMulcrone



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