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Dec. 18, 2013

Yearly reflection

Dec. 18, 2013

Well, it’s that time again. The time when snow falls in Michigan, holiday cheer abounds and the brand-new year waits just around the corner. Who knows what that year might bring? (Well, besides a long-awaited Rose Bowl Spartan victory, of course).

I’m pretty sure of one thing—I can’t imagine having a more incredible year at MSU than the one drawing to a close. Last year at this time, I was preparing for an adventure of a lifetime. I was getting shots, buying sunblock, treating my clothing with bug repellent, getting visas, packing very light and trying to imagine what an eight-week trip around the world highlighting MSU research and researchers might bring. Trying, I say, because there was no way to truly imagine just now incredible it turned out to be.

The things I saw, the people I met, the food I ate, the children I played with and, most importantly, the difference I saw MSU researchers making in this world is the stuff dreams are made of. I worked harder than I ever have without a day off. I had just carryon luggage and very little clothing. But material things have nothing on experiences, nothing on adventure and nothing on the pride I felt at each and every stop. It’s one thing to read it, it’s another thing to actually see with my own eyes just how Spartans are solving the world’s most challenging problems.

I was humbled and honored to be a part of the team that brought these important stories to the masses. In all my 15 years of working at MSU, I can’t imagine a more important task that I’ve done for the university. Personally, there is nothing that I’ve done that has had more impact on how I look at the world. I know that I was very lucky to be a part of that project. I know that I am privileged to be a Spartan. I am fortunate to work at MSU and blessed to work with the team I work with.

That’s what being a Spartan can do for you—bring you a world of opportunity and possibilities.

Like the opportunities that David Ortega, assistant professor of global agri-food systems, is finding at MSU. He’s finishing up his first year teaching at MSU and has been able to explore his passion about studying food systems in China. He knows that MSU’s commitment to global research and outreach will bring him more opportunities to explore new passions and research. Read his FACULTY VOICE: Catching the China Bug, to learn more about him.

As a student at MSU, the possibilities are as endless as you believe they are. Opportunities you never thought existed might just become reality if you pursue them. Colin Marshall, a member of the Honor's College and one of five students recognized with an Outstanding Senior Award, graduated last weekend with a degree in media arts and technology. During his time at MSU, he traveled as a videographer on Ozzy Osburne's tour, served as video director at Impact89FM, worked as a student videographer in China and Bangladesh as part of the SpartansWill.360 crew and contributed to a documentary about living with less. Read his STUDENT VIEW: Opportunity and Growth, to learn more about his thoughts on why MSU was right for him.

Whether you’re a student, staff member, researcher or alumnus, incredible opportunities seem to be everywhere when you’re a Spartan. Be ready for them, embrace them, grab ahold and go out and change the world for good. 

Spartans Will.

Lisa Mulcrone
Editor, MSUToday


Photo of Mason Hall by Derrick L. Turner


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