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Oct. 16, 2013

Make every moment count

Oct. 16, 2013

During a quick staff meeting the other day, the subject of retirement came up. I jokingly said that I’d be working until I was 92 years old. After all, I have bills to pay. Truth is, as long as I’m healthy, I don’t plan on retiring for a long time. Not because I need to pay my bills (well, maybe a little of that) but because I love what I do.

I love being a Spartan. I love being part of a fantastic team of coworkers. I love promoting Michigan State and the important work that is done by our students, staff and faculty. I love being inspired by brilliant researchers and proud of incredible students.

I love being part of something I believe in. Something that matters. And this place matters.

It matters to students like Simon Zagata. Simon is a junior majoring in professional writing. Without MSU, he never would have had the opportunity to spend three months studying abroad, visiting three countries and expanding his studies outside of his major. Read his STUDENT VIEW to learn more about his experience, including running with the bulls in Spain.

It also matters to James Dye, a distinguished professor emeritus of chemistry who is known for his work with alkali metals. He has spent 60 years teaching and conducting research, all at MSU. 60 years!! If I take a cue from him, I really will retire at 92!

Imagine how many lives he’s touched, how many students he’s taught, how many findings he’s discovered. That is an incredible career and he’s still not done. He officially “retired” in 1994, but continues to conduct research and mentor undergraduate students at MSU. When he was 78 years old, he formed a company with a 25-year-old research partner. The company, SiGNa Chemistry Inc., created and produces an eco-friendly power source. Read more about his fascinating career in his FACULTY VOICE

Professor Dye is a true Spartan. Spartans never stop making an impact. We know that all Spartans are doing that in different ways around the world. And we want to know about it. On Nov. 6, we want to you to shoot video or photos of the ordinary and extraordinary moments of your day. Share them with us and we’ll use them to make a video documentary that will capture a day in the life of MSU alumni, students, faculty and staff. Check out the MSU 360.24 project to learn more.

You might be a student. Your footage might be from the job you get paid for. It might be volunteer work. You might be retired. But guess what? It’s not like you ever retire from being a Spartan. Even if you’re not a student, or no longer on staff, or no longer teaching and doing research, you will always be a Spartan. And Spartans continue to make this world a better place whether we’re 21 or 85. Make every minute count. That’s what we do.

Spartans Will. 

Lisa Mulcrone
Editor, MSUToday


Photo of Beaumont Tower clock by G.L. Kohuth



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