Published: April 1, 2011

Staff Profiles: Tim Potter

Contact(s): Meghan Spork University Relations Student Writer cell: (248) 250-3743

“We pretty much took it over as an empty cement room in 2006 in the summer,” Tim Potter said, “and basically built it into the bike shop you see now.”

Potter, the manager of the MSU Bikes Service Center, has been with the university for almost 11 years. He starting working with the Alumni Association in the year 2000, and was eventually one of the key volunteers with the MSU Bike Project in 2003.

With his passion for bikes and knowledge of MSU’s mission and operation, he became the manager of the MSU Bike Service Center with hopes to see bicycling really flourish on campus.

The bike center has grown before Potter’s eyes with an increase in customer base, revenue and just simply the number of repairs. In the past year, the Bike Center has added a program with Fuji University that made it possible to sell new bikes to students.

Potter also sits on a number of committees to ensure that MSU remains a bike-friendly university and that bicycling related facilities are kept in mind with future plans.


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Tim Potter, manager of the MSU Bikes Service Center. Photo by G.L. Kohuth.

Tim Potter, manager of the MSU Bikes Service Center. Photo by G.L. Kohuth.

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