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Last Updated: February 24, 2022

60 seconds of Spartan seasons

No matter the season, every day the splendor of Michigan State University inspires wonder. The greening of campus as it awakens in the spring, the lazy days of summer, the explosion of color in the fall and the serene beauty of a snowstorm create a magical place we call home. Take a couple of minutes to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of MSU throughout the year.


The arrival of spring at Michigan State University brings with it the peaceful beauty of campus reawakening after a cold winter. Ducks on the Red Cedar River, the reemergence of flowers, the greening of trees, gentle breezes, sunshine and the sounds of Beaumont Tower give us a calm sense of renewal and hope.



From sunrise to sunset, summer days at Michigan State University are filled with peaceful sights and sounds guaranteed to inspire relaxation. Green is everywhere you look, punctuated by bright pops of colorful blooms. Warm breezes, sparkling fountains and the gentle tolling of Beaumont Tower encourage us to breathe in, slow down and appreciate all campus has to offer. 



There is something magical about autumn at Michigan State University. Sunshine lights up the beauty of campus while cooler breezes whisper through the trees. And even while we’re shouting, “Go Green!” the leaves instead turn brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow.

This year, fall was even more special because we were able to experience it together. Familiar sounds of the Spartan Drumline practicing, students walking to class and the chiming of the Beaumont Tower bells renewed the Spartan spirit in all of us.



Winter at Michigan State University is enchanting. Snowflakes fall softly, creating stunning snowscapes and quiet calm. Icicles hang from eaves while evergreens and the shoulders of The Spartan statue collect tiny blankets of snow. Occasional bursts of sunlight break through trees, making everything sparkle, while Beaumont Tower stands tall against blustery winds. The warmth of familiar buildings beckons us in from a cold walk across the “tundra.”