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Jan. 10, 2024

Podcast: Survey to assess health and well-being of MSU students, faculty, and staff

MSU’s Health and Wellbeing Division is conducting a university-wide health and wellbeing assessment that includes an anonymous survey. The purpose of this assessment is for UHW to gain a deeper understanding of issues impacting MSU students, faculty, and staff as it relates to physical health, mental health, and social wellbeing.

The results of the survey will contribute to the development of a 5-year plan for MSU to equitably support Spartan health and wellbeing. Specifically, UHW will comprehensively assess:

  • The health of the student, staff and faculty populations
  • Identify prevalent health trends and issues, and
  • Gather data essential for tailoring and enhancing support services, resource allocation, and policies to promote a culture of wellbeing on campus.

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to complete the survey. The information shared will be kept confidential. The survey takes 8-10 minutes to complete. For additional information, visit:

Discussing the assessment and survey on this episode of MSU Today are Norman Beauchamp, Jr., MSU executive vice president for Health Sciences, executive sponsor of the sustainable health theme in the MSU Strategic Plan 2030, and co-chair of the MSU Health and Wellbeing Assessment; Alexis Travis, assistant provost and executive director of MSU University Health and Wellbeing; and Renee Canady, MPHI CEO and assistant professor at MSU’s College of Human Medicine Charles Stewart Mott Department of Public Health.

Conversation Highlights:

(2:23) – “UHW is supporting a community where health and wellbeing is equitably woven into all aspects of campus life.”

(2:58) – “The beauty of MPHI is that we are a living and breathing demonstration of governmental and academic innovation.”

(3:44) – How does UHW define health and wellbeing? – “It’s a complete sense of physical, mental, and social health and not just the absence of disease or infirmary.”

(6:02) – Why is health and wellbeing a priority for students, faculty, and staff and how does it impact student success and staff and faculty success?

(7:52) – Who should take the survey and what do you hope to learn from it?

(9:02) – “This survey is about voice.”

(11:55) – “MSU could have easily completed this project without us. The fact that they saw partnership as vitally important is what we do.”

(13:02) – What will you do with the data compiled from the survey?

(14:48) – How does the assessment fit into the sustainable health theme of MSU Strategic Plan 2030?

(17:29) – “It’s my hope that people will not only participate, but that they’ll be better for having participated.”

For additional information, please visit:

Photo credit: Donna Hondorp. Left to right: Beauchamp, Canady, Travis

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