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May 10, 2024

Pop Quiz: MSU work hacks

What’s your go-to work or life hack that makes work at MSU a little easier?


1.     Biking to work daily

2.     Getting involved in something extracurricular — book club, committee work, anything that makes you feel valued as a whole human away from your desk

3.     Taking a break to walk outside, preferably through Beal Garden

4.     Saving big projects for remote days when I’m not interrupted as much

5.     Walking around campus along the river and Beal Garden — especially this time of year

6.     Grocery pickup

7.     Always keep a pair of walking shoes at your desk, even if you don’t wear them daily

8.     Using Microsoft OneNote on all my devices to seamlessly access notes

9.     Establishing hard boundaries between work and personal life

10.  Laughing with my amazing colleagues

11.  Having a hybrid work schedule. Working from home has saved me travel time and gas money and has allowed me to form a better sleep schedule.

12.  Hybrid schedule

13.  Having the right attitude

14.  The outstanding and generous benefits offered

15.  One day of remote work

16.  Taking lunch walks in the Horticultural Gardens

17.  Getting good coffee on the way to work

18.  Getting a good night’s sleep

19.  I grow plants at my work desk, bike after work and allow myself to adjust my work schedule into the afternoon and evening instead of morning and afternoon occasionally.

20.  Using the 2-Minute Rule

21.  Taking a walk outside

22.  Humor

23.  MSU Dairy Store

24.  I keep slippers at my desk!

25.  I think about all the people I get to help by doing what I do every day. It inspires me.

By: Carlos Acevedo