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Feb. 2, 2024

MSU Museum exhibition examines a circular vision of the built environment

The Michigan State University Museum proudly announces a new exhibition, “Domicology — Creating a Sustainable Built Environment.” Domicology is a dynamic field of study examining economic, social, and environmental factors in the built environment. Curated by MSU faculty, staff, and students this exhibition delves into the possibilities for a sustainable future when the life cycles of structures are considered.

Rex LaMore, exhibition curator, director of the MSU Center for Community Economic Development and faculty member in the Urban and Regional Planning Program stressed the importance to the exhibition saying, “More than 136 million tons of waste each year in the U.S. is generated in construction-related demolition, new construction and renovation projects. When we couple that amount of material waste with the additional burden of environmental contamination, the negative social impacts associated with blight and abandonment, there must be a different way for us to design, build, renovate, remove and reuse the structure we have created or will create in the future. These fundamental challenges gave birth to the science of Domicology.”

To read more, visit the MSU Museum website.

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