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Feb. 28, 2024

Miller & Chevalier complete investigation into MSU Board of Trustees

Miller & Chevalier, the law firm hired by Michigan State University to investigate alleged Code of Ethics and Conduct violations of Board of Trustees members has concluded its review and presented its findings and recommendations to the university.

In October 2023, a letter written by Trustee Brianna Scott was shared with the State News outlining concerns over fellow trustees’ behavior, prompting the university to hire the firm to conduct an independent, comprehensive investigation.  

After receiving the firm’s report, Board of Trustees Vice Chair and Committee on Audit, Risk and Compliance Chair Dan Kelly released the following statement:

“The Michigan State University Board of Trustees has received the report from Miller & Chevalier and is reviewing the findings carefully. The board takes our responsibility and governance seriously and is committed to upholding our code of ethics.”  

The university has no additional comments on the report at this time.

By: Emily Guerrant

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