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March 20, 2023

MSU receives nearly $1.5M in energy efficiency rebates

Carbon emissions savings are equivalent to approximately what 85,500 trees would absorb over 10 years

Thanks to energy efficiency project rebates from Consumers Energy, MSU now has nearly $1.5 million in additional funding for future projects that advance the university’s strategic plan goals of increasing sustainable practices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, university and company leaders announced today. 

Consumers Energy awarded the rebates for MSU’s new $17.75 million more efficient steam boiler that entered service in January and for additional projects that include installing LED lights in the university’s greenhouses and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and upgrading the HVAC systems of the Library, Owen Hall and the Packaging Building, among other projects. The money from the rebates will be used to pay for additional energy conservation projects in the future.  

“These projects demonstrate the university’s strong commitment to achieving MSU’s ambitious climate goals. We will also use these funds toward future projects thanks to our strong partnership with Consumers Energy,” said MSU Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff, who accepted ceremonial checks from Consumers Energy today at MSU’s Simon Power Plant. “I’m grateful for the teams at Consumers Energy and MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities for their efforts to make these projects and rebates happen.”  

The projected energy savings from the new boiler and other projects reflects a total reduction of 36,800 thousand cubic feet (MCF) of natural gas or 4,400 megawatt hours of electricity annually — enough power to fully charge more than 629 million smartphones or the equivalent of removing more than 1,100 gas vehicles from the road. This reduction in carbon emissions equates to the carbon it would take 85,500 trees 10 years to absorb. 

“Being able to deliver nearly $1.5 million in rebates to the university to reduce energy waste has been a pleasure for our team,” said Lauren Snyder, Vice President of Customer Experience for Consumers Energy. “We are proud to provide energy solutions to the university, as we do with large and small businesses every day. We are grateful we were able to help them both save money and advance the Spartan goal of reduced greenhouse gas emissions.” 

MSU’s new boiler, in combination with electrical generating engines installed last year, allows the plant to quickly respond to changes in campus’ electrical and steam demands in a more energy efficient way. The new equipment will allow the retirement of one or more boilers and steam turbines that are nearly 60 years old and reaching the end of their useful lives.  

MSU’s 2030 sustainability goals can be found at the 2030 strategic plan website

By: Fred Woodhams

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