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Jan. 25, 2023

Mahmood Haq to lead composite vehicle research at MSU

Mahmood Haq has been named the new director of the Michigan State University Composite Vehicle Research Center. He is an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, specializing in structural engineering and mechanics of materials.

MSU’s CVRC is a center of excellence for the research, design and implementation of composites.

“CVRC’s roadmap is three-pronged – advancing manufacturing technologies, creating lighter and safer vehicles, and developing STEM leaders and a trained workforce,” Haq said.

Located at 3610 Forest Road, near the University Club in Lansing, the center’s initial focus was on air, ground, marine, and space applications. Today, work sectors include automotive, wind-energy, power storage, infrastructure and sport equipment industries.

“CVRC’s future is cross-disciplinary and requires a systems-level approach on the integration of innovation from multiple areas,” he explained. “MSU is a leader in the area of composites and has a complete ecosystem for research and innovation starting from the atomic-scale to material level to prototype level, and all the way to assembly line production.

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