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Dec. 8, 2023

Faculty voice: Welcoming a leader who fosters innovation, inclusivity and academic excellence

Jerlando F. L. Jackson, dean and MSU Research Foundation Professor of Education of MSU's College of Education and member of the presidential search committee, shared these remarks welcoming Kevin Guskiewicz, MSU president-elect, at the Dec. 8 Board of Trustees meeting

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I stand before you today in support of an important addition to our Michigan State University family. We would be honored to welcome Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz as the newest member of our community and the newly appointed President of Michigan State University.

Jerlando F.L. Jackson.
Jerlando F.L. Jackson, dean and MSU Research Foundation Professor of Education of MSU's College of Education. Courtesy photo.

Dr. Guskiewicz brings with him a wealth of experience, scholarly accomplishments, and a proven track record of exemplary leadership. His journey in academia has been nothing short of remarkable, and we are confident that his vision and expertise will propel Michigan State University to new heights.

Scholarly contributions

Dr. Guskiewicz's scholarly contributions have been at the forefront of innovation in his field. His work in sports-related concussions has not only garnered national acclaim, but has also had a tangible impact on the industries he has touched. As a respected scholar, his commitment to advancing knowledge aligns seamlessly with Michigan State University's dedication to excellence in research and academic inquiry.

Leadership accomplishments

Dr. Guskiewicz's leadership achievements are truly commendable. Serving as the chancellor of an Association of American Universities institution, he has navigated the complexities of higher education with a strategic vision that has led to institutional growth and success. His ability to inspire, innovate and guide an academic institution through the dynamic landscape of modern education is a testament to his exceptional leadership.

Decision-making prowess

Leading an AAU institution requires the ability to make difficult decisions that impact not only the academic community, but also the broader societal context. Dr. Guskiewicz's demonstrated prowess in making tough, informed decisions has not only steered his previous institution through challenges, but has also positioned it for sustained success. We are confident that his decisive leadership will guide Michigan State University with the same clarity and purpose.

Professional relationships

In his role as Chancellor, Dr. Guskiewicz has maintained professional and collaborative working relationships with Board of Trustees members. His ability to navigate the intricate dynamics of governance, while upholding the values of transparency and integrity, reflects a leader who prioritizes the interests of the institution and its stakeholders.

As we look to the future of Michigan State University, we believe that Dr. Guskiewicz's leadership will foster an environment of innovation, inclusivity and academic excellence.

Dr. Guskiewicz, we welcome you to Michigan State University with open hearts and great anticipation. We look forward to the collaborative journey ahead; one that promises growth, achievement and the continued pursuit of knowledge.

Thank you, and let us embark on this exciting new chapter together.

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