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June 20, 2023

MSU expert: Exploring the power of Deep Resolve MRI

The new MSU Health Care at McLaren Greater Lansing Outpatient Imaging Center opens June 26. Mark DeLano serves as chair of the Michigan State University Department of Radiology and provides care as a radiologist at MSU Health Care. He discusses the cutting edge Deep Resolve MRI equipment, which will be available at the new outpatient imaging center, along with its benefits for patients.

What new imaging equipment and services will be available at the MSU Health Care at McLaren Greater Lansing Outpatient Imaging Center? Mark DeLano, chair of the MSU Department of Radiology and a radiologist at MSU Health Care.

The center will house all new radiology equipment. In addition to general diagnostic X-ray, ultrasound, CT, and PET-CT, one of the most exciting innovations will be part of the new state-of-the-art MRI equipment.

How will the new space benefit patients?

The new space is designed to be comfortable and efficient for patients and our staff. The new equipment is state-of-the-art, enabling greater accuracy and sensitivity for subtle abnormality detection, and it’s much faster than both our old equipment and what’s available throughout mid-Michigan. All of the new MRI units are comfortable, wide-bore scanners that are quieter and provide more space for patients.

What makes these MRI units unique?

The MRI units are powered by technology called Deep Resolve. This new technology fundamentally disrupts the historic relationship between MR image quality and scan time, which only yielded improved image clarity and higher-resolution images with longer scan times.

How does deep resolve MRI work?

Deep Resolve applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to revolutionize MR imaging, making the simultaneous creation of faster and clearer scans a reality.

Does Deep Resolve MRI result in faster scan times? If so, how does that benefit patients and their care?

Yes, the scan times are dramatically shortened — by as much as 75% depending on the body part being imaged. This is better for patients, and it’s a particular benefit for those patients with concerns about claustrophobia or difficulty lying still in an MRI machine for the duration of a scan. This efficiency improves patient access because more scans can be performed in a day. The improved clarity and speed make diagnostic images more readily available to radiologists and referring physicians to guide patient care.

Is Deep Resolve MRI readily available or unique to this new outpatient imaging center?

This Deep Resolve technology at the outpatient imaging center is a unique service now available to mid-Michigan patients, setting us apart in the region.

What else should the community know about the new center?
The entire imaging center and all the new imaging equipment bring faster, more accurate diagnosis to our patients and their doctors. We are excited for this new chapter in in fulfilling MSU Health Care and McLaren Greater Lansing’s commitment to ushering in the next level of excellence in image-guided patient care.

By Andrea Mackey

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