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Feb. 22, 2022

I'm Jordan, and I am a Spartan

February 22, 2022


Jordan Zmich is a sophomore majoring in accounting. She is passionate about music, the environment, wheelchair hockey and, of course, Michigan State University.

“I love that MSU is so inclusive and everyone is so nice. There are so many people willing to help and make sure that everyone is striving to do their best. There also are so many opportunities to be a part of,” she says.

Zmich is a member of the Honors College, one of her proudest accomplishments. She says some great opportunities have come along with this achievement, such as taking different types of classes, speaking with advisers and making new friends.

“The people really are the best part about MSU. I love seeing when people are touring the MSU campus because I remember when I was in that spot. The community is so nice,” she says.


Kalil Olsen at Spartan Stadium holding a mellophone

By: Ellen Doepke and Deon Foster