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April 6, 2022

Construction begins at MSU Entomology’s new Pollinator Performance Center

The final building will bring together hives and honey extraction with classrooms and research labs.

Demolition has begun to remove stalls used for large animal research to make room for the new honey house, which will include a hot room, a honey extraction system, bottling tanks, and clean storage for extracting honey from research and extension hives. Photo by Meghan Milbrath, MSU Entomology.

In March, builders began to convert an existing facility on MSU campus farms into the new MSU Pollinator Performance Center.

A partnership among the Department of Entomology, MSU AgBioResearch and MSU Extension provided the initial funding to support the most urgent needs such as the honey extraction facility and a staff locker room. The final building will be home to the honey bee farm facility, space for teaching and outreach and research labs.

The farm building will include a fully operational honey extraction facility and controlled climate rooms for indoor overwintering research. The planned phase II construction will also include research labs, a teaching classroom and space for extension events. 

Landscape plans are also underway for pollinator gardens and a fully accessible teaching space to complement the hundreds of trees planted by MSU Infrastructure, Planning and Facilities in May 2021.

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