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Oct. 28, 2021

Documentary shares refugee stories to connect cultures, shape learning

Michigan State University’s Carrie Symons wants to amplify the voices of refugees and immigrants in the United States. She hopes a new documentary and free complementary teaching materials will help the next generation of students better understand the realities refugees face—and use that information to better shape our global future.

“This film and teaching materials recognize there is a negative, and often political, rhetoric around refugees. The materials serve as a counter-narrative to that,” said Symons, an assistant professor in the Department of Teacher Education. “We want to challenge assumptions and biases around refugees, immigrants and migrants and recognize our shared humanity. The film underscores that we’re all just people.”

Symons co-directed, co-produced and wrote “The Stories Project,” which follows 11 mentors in the GLOBE Camp at Lansing’s Refugee Development Center. They discuss their experiences and how the community and country can move forward. GLOBE, or Gaining Learning Opportunities through Better English, is a long-running program that includes lessons and field trips for refugees based around growing English skills while maintaining roots to their cultures.

Read the full story on the College of Education website.

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