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Dec. 7, 2021

MA-ABA program offers classroom-based experience for students

Spartans will have even more opportunities to receive hands-on experience while training to become behavior analysts thanks to new partnerships with local K-12 school districts.

The collaborations will help graduates from Michigan State University’s M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis (MA-ABA) program be prepared to fulfill or create needed positions in schools.

“Unfortunately, many school districts do not have Board Certified Behavior Analysts® on staff. As behavioral challenges continue to increase in schools, districts need to consider hiring individuals who can address those challenges,” said Lauren Snyder, a behavior consultant with Clinton County’s Regional Education Service Agency. “BCBAs are experts in behavior, and through collaborations with school teams, they are able to design, implement, train and evaluate formal Behavior Intervention Plans that ultimately provide long-term, positive effects for both students and staff.”

CC-RESA is one of the new opportunities, along with other school districts, for MA-ABA students who wish to pursue school-based experiences as part of their required practicum. The placement opportunities are available beginning Spring 2022. Previously, the MA-ABA only offered community-based practicum placements, such as in MSU’s Early Learning Institute.

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