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Jan. 25, 2021

MSU, Henry Ford Health System finalize partnership to battle health disparities, inequities

Henry Ford Health System and Michigan State University, two of the state’s leading education, research and health care institutions, are partnering to make Michigan a national leader in providing access to exceptional health care for all residents, scientific discovery and education for providers, patients and families.

In a landmark partnership that will last for at least 30 years, both institutions are committed to aligning efforts across key departments and programs to achieve critical health care and educational goals, while addressing social issues that impact health outcomes for patients in Michigan and beyond.

The signing of this agreement comes just seven months after Henry Ford and MSU signed a letter of intent to significantly expand their long-term partnership, among the first of its kind for the region between a fully integrated academic health system and major state university.

Key features of the agreement include fostering innovative, groundbreaking research; providing best-in-class cancer care; interprofessional training; increasing diversity among the next generation of health care professionals; and addressing the needs of traditionally underserved communities. Diversity, equity and inclusion are core components of the partnership and are embedded throughout the agreement in a commitment to addressing access to health care and health disparities in both urban and rural communities. 

Hear about the possibilities of this partnership from Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., MSU executive vice president for health sciences and Adnan Munkarah, executive vice president and chief clinical officer for Henry Ford Health System:

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View the full agreement, exhibit A and exhibit B.

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