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Nov. 30, 2020

Access to breastfeeding education affects feeding choices among Chinese-American mothers

A recent study led by a College of Nursing researcher found a lack of available prenatal breastfeeding education among Chinese-American women. Less access resulted in other unnecessary liquids introduced to their babies during the first six months of development.

Joanne Goldbort, an assistant professor in the college, studied what factors went into a woman’s decision to exclusively breastfeed, which is where a mother does not introduce liquids other than breast milk to the baby for the first six months. The study was a cross-sectional survey recruiting 210 pregnant Chinese-American women across the United States that measured three variables affecting whether a mother chose to breastfeed exclusively: Use of complementary foods, knowledge about colostrum and attitude toward use of formula.

Read the full story on the College of Nursing website.

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