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April 14, 2020

Spartans take on Global Day of Service

The desire to do good and offer one's service has not waned with social distancing practices. If anything, the will to serve is stronger than ever.

During these uncertain times, people are looking for ways to lift one another and express acts of gratitude, especially to first responders who are on the frontlines caring for those impacted directly by the novel coronavirus.

The Global Day of Service, which began in 2013 when Spartans across the world gathered to serve their local communities, is scheduled for Saturday, April 18. This annual event is committed to demonstrating the amount of good that can be done in a single day, while connecting Spartans to a common cause around the world.

Because the novel coronavirus puts limitations on Spartans' abilities to get out and serve, this year's day of service, encourages Spartans to rethink how they will advance the common good, with social distancing in mind. 

The Center for Community Engaged Learning at MSU provides an expansive list of ways to get involved in the local community and beyond — from the safety and comfort of home, of course. 

From sharing sidewalk chalk art, to writing thank you notes to health care workers, to supporting MSU students, MSU’s community impact will be felt around the world. 

Show the world what Spartans can do by participating in Global Day of Service. Learn more at

By: Jocelyn Tucker

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