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May 7, 2020

Sarise Hammad: A message to my fellow graduates

May 7, 2020

Sarise Hammad is a graduating senior in the Department of Global and International Studies and the College of Social Science's Student Commencement Speaker for the Class of 2020. The following is repurposed content from the College of Social Science. The original piece is available here. 

Why did you choose to become a Spartan?

My two eldest siblings went to Michigan State, so being the youngest daughter to parents of immigrants, I stuck to what my siblings did in their formative years, but added a little bit of my own spice into it.

How have your years at MSU shaped you and your future?

Michigan State has taught me what a community looks like, and it is through these collective experiences, such as late night Union, our beautiful campus and personal relationships made at Michigan State that I plan on carrying with me for the rest of my life endeavors both personally and professionally.

What was your proudest memory from your time as an undergrad?

A lot of my proudest moments took place in Berkey Hall, whether they are memories from class discussions so intriguing and powerful that I raised my voice and showed my values, or club meetings that centered around human rights and Palestine. Berkey Hall has really been that home for me at Michigan State where all my successes took place.

What message are you hoping to leave with your fellow graduates?

An immediate graduation commencement does not take away from how powerful we all are as individuals. I’d like to remind my fellow graduating seniors to live in the present, to enjoy our youth and to keep shining.

By: Sarise Hammad


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