Published: June 1, 2020

Professor's book alters perception of introversion in theater

Contact(s): Abbie Tykocki Theatre, Rob Roznowski Department of Theatre office: (517) 353-5463

The field of theater has long been one that favors the extrovert with a perception that actors must be outgoing, gregarious and boisterous to find success. A new book seeks to alter that perception.

Co-written by Rob Roznowski, head of acting and directing for the MSU Department of Theatre, "The Introverted Actor: Practical Approaches" offers first-hand accounts, methods and tested techniques that will enable directors and educators to create balance between introverts and extroverts in rehearsal spaces and classrooms.

“I think most people, when thinking of the stereotypical theater students, envision a bunch of loud people making each other laugh, singing and performing constantly,” Roznowski said. “But…there is also another group of introverts sitting over there reading scripts. They’re having just as good a time and they have just as much passion for theater.”

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Professor Rob Roznowski, head of acting and directing