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MSU launches new virtual anti-harassment campaign

Michigan State University’s Prevention, Outreach and Education Department is partnering with voices across campus in a new video series and social media campaign called #SpartanSpaces.

The campaign is targeted toward students, faculty and staff in an effort to raise awareness of virtual harassment, empower bystanders to intervene if they see someone harassing another person in online spaces and share resources that are available to those who have been impacted by harassment.

“Spartans are spending more time in virtual spaces and that is likely to continue well into the future,” said Lydia Weiss, POE climate response specialist. “In launching this campaign, we hope to help more people identify harassment and share that harassment should not be tolerated in any space.”

Online harassment is against MSU’s values and is protected under the university’s Anti-Discrimination and Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct policies.

Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic and the transition to increased online learning and working environments, POE has been leading the charge in working with other campus units--such as the Office of Institutional Equity , Residential and Hospitality Services, Dean of Students Office; Office of the Ombudsperson, and LBGT Resource Center and others--to prevent harassment from occurring and to address these incidents as they happen.

“As we continue to see more instances of online harassment, it is critical that we encourage our community members to report these experiences that go against what we, as Spartans, stand for,” said Melody Werner, director of OIE. “MSU is committed to creating a safe and inclusive learning and working environment for all.”

To report experiences of virtual harassment, visit the Office of Institutional Equity online reporting system and access additional resources at

Spartan Spaces is scheduled to run through the 2020-2021 academic year.

To learn more about this campaign please visit the POE website and to join the discussion follow the @KnowMoreMSU Twitter page and use the hashtag #SpartanSpaces.

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By: Chris Chapman

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