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Jan. 13, 2020

InsideMSU to discontinue biweekly print product

After seeking input from faculty and staff across campus, we will be discontinuing the printed version of InsideMSU at the end of this month.

InsideMSU is a suite of products designed to convey relevant information to members of MSU’s internal community, build awareness and highlight the good work of employees. InsideMSU was launched in August 2018, including a weekly email, a website and a biweekly printed newspaper.

Over the past 16 months, we have worked to evaluate the effectiveness of these channels. We performed an audit in spring 2018 to assess readership of the print product, and since that time, we’ve continued to see lower consumption of the newspaper.

In October 2019, we conducted research through focus groups using an external firm, Finn Partners. The feedback we received on the newspaper was clear. While some felt it was well designed and contained interesting content, concern was raised that we are using a newspaper to communicate while digital channels are available. And at a time when the university is dedicated to sustainability, the paper product was seen by many as contrary to this focus, particularly when other channels could provide the same information in a timely manner. We also consulted with peer universities and found the vast majority had ceased using printed newspapers in favor of digital channels.

While Jan. 27 will be the final print edition, our readers will still find valuable information in the weekly email and through other timely efforts to keep the campus informed. We’ve made improvements in the email’s content and design and plan to continue doing so. The information delivered electronically can be updated more quickly, and the amount of paper waste will be reduced.

Our goal with InsideMSU is to use research, experience and your feedback to better share important and relevant stories with the campus community.

As always, the InsideMSU team welcomes feedback on our products, as well as suggested content. To provide feedback, ask questions or submit content, please email

By: Jason Cody