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Aug. 20, 2020

Doctors on call: Study shows impact of telemedicine during COVID-19

Global pandemic drives more patients to remote visits

Telemedicine has been around for as long as people have been picking up the phone. While the demand for telehealth typically trends low, the novel coronavirus pandemic has necessitated more providers and patients to explore the delivery of healthcare via phone, video conferencing or web-based platform.

Associate Professor Bree Holtz of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations recently set out to expand her ongoing study of telemedicine. Her goal is to assess people’s perceptions of telemedicine as COVID-19 continues to redefine human interaction — particularly in healthcare.

“What we do know is that no one wants to be sick and sitting in a waiting room,” said Holtz. “Providers are now given access to conduct telemedicine that considers patient privacy and insurance reimbursement, too. It’s been the perfect storm for the proliferation of telemedicine.”

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By: Ann Kammerer

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