Published: June 12, 2020

College of Osteopathic Medicine welcomes Class of 2024

Contact(s): Sarina Gleason Media Communications office: (517) 884-3755, Katherine Ruger College of Osteopathic Medicine

The MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine welcomed #SpartanDO2024, the incoming class of first-year medical students, on June 8. 

As with so many events these past few months, staff and faculty have had to reimagine past traditions and find new ways to translate the excitement, fun community-building atmosphere, and meaningful initial meetings of orientation week.

“The Class of 2024 and the format of this year’s orientation has inspired us to build a community of connectivity in a different and more sustainable way than we’ve ever thought of before,” said Katherine M. Ruger, associate dean of admissions and student life. “I’m really excited about that.”

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