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Oct. 7, 2020

Spartan students find support to stay well

This semester is unlike any other, but while Michigan State University students are learning remotely, they are not alone.

Mental health and emotional well-being are critical to academic success, and MSU offers students a wide range of resources for managing stress, staying mentally well and finding professional counseling.

Spartan students also are sharing tips for success directly with one another. Here, MSU senior Jay Gooden offers suggestions and resources for reducing stress, staying organized and finding help when it’s needed.

Health and wellness resources

Here are some places to turn to if you need help.

Center for Survivors: Find services for survivors of sexual assault, from therapy and advocacy to a crisis hotline.

Counseling and Psychiatric Services: Mental and emotional health are critical to academic success. Find health resources or reach out to trained counseling staff.

LBGT Resource Center: This student-centered campus resource works to celebrate, affirm and empower LGBTQA+ members of the MSU community through education, engagement, advocacy and student support.

MSU Health Promotion: Find services that address the health, education and prevention needs of MSU students, from nutrition counseling, recovery programs, fitness and wellness and more.

MSU Student Food Bank: The MSU Student Food Bank serves MSU students experiencing food insecurity by providing free food and related items.

Olin Health Center: The primary health care facility for MSU students. Learn more or make an appointment.

Recreational Sports and Fitness: Take care of your physical health by joining virtual classes taught by MSU fitness instructors.

Remote wellness resources: If you’re feeling overwhelmed or in need of connection, find someone to talk to or join a virtual listening space with fellow MSU students.

Spartan Fit: Find diverse fitness and wellness services and resources geared toward MSU students.

Student Parent Resource Center: Find support, resources and campus and community connections for MSU student parents.

Student Veterans Resource Center: Provides transition services and support for student veterans.

Virtual Care Kit: The Virtual Care Kit offers wellness strategies, coping skills and resources for finding connection and meaning.

Together We Will: Find more health and wellness services on MSU’s website for COVID-19-related updates and resources.

By: Meredith Mescher