Published: Jan. 15, 2020

128 MSU students earn Spartan Volunteer Service Award

Contact(s): Carla Hills University Outreach and Engagement office: (517) 353-8977, Caroline Brooks Communications and Brand Strategy office: 517-432-0920

On January 10, 128 Michigan State University students were recognized for their dedication to volunteerism in their communities.

These students – who each volunteered 100 or more hours of verified community-engaged learning or volunteering over one year – were honored with The Spartan Volunteer Service Award: A Presidential Recognition.

“That kind of commitment represents great preparation for future leadership, whatever your major or career goals might be,” said MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.

The students and their community partners were recognized at a ceremony attended by President Stanley; Denise Maybank, vice president for Student Affairs and Services; Laurie Van Egeren, interim associate provost for University Outreach and Engagement; and Renee C. Brown, director of the Center for Community Engaged Learning.

The students totaled 24,334 hours of service amid 300 community partners, with an estimated value of $585,856 of MSU service back into the community.

“Collaboration – whether across campus or around the world – really is the Spartan way to get good things done,” Stanley said.

The prestigious annual award was established in recognition of the 50th year anniversary of the Center for Community Engaged Learning in 2018. Presented on behalf of the MSU President, the award program recognizes the individual and collective contributions made by MSU students and the community partners who participate in their preparation for lifelong civic and social responsibility.

“It is fun and inspiring to celebrate our hardworking students and share the successes with our community partners and civic leaders,” Brown said. “The Spartan Volunteer Service Awards are quickly becoming a treasured piece of the MSU student experience, and a key component of the collaborative relationships we have with each of our community partners.”

The Spartan Volunteer Service Award recipients – listed in order of their time volunteered, ranging from 600 hours to 100 hours:

Nick Piner, Human Biology
Kiersten Walsworth, Human Biology
Sydnie Burch, Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Justice Bass, Social Work
Kelly Leary, Animal Science
Temple Martinez, Neuroscience
Emily Bono, Psychology
Madeline Elliott, Social Work
Riley Board, Marketing
Prakhyat Rohatgi, Human Biology
Brittany Ladson, Osteopathic Medicine
Bridget McGregor, Kinesiology
Erika Shiino, Neuroscience
Morgan Otero, Anthropology
James Kinville, Human Biology
Blerta Prenaj, Human Biology
Deandrea White, Social Relations and Policy
Francesca Del Monte, Social Relations and Policy
Munzer Elsir, Applied Engineering Sciences
Anusha Mamidpaka, Neuroscience
Kelsey MacDonald, Human Biology
Ramya Chigurupati, Neuroscience
Ashley Basso, Nutritional Sciences
Dhaval Gandhi, Neuroscience
Rachel Simoes, Neuroscience
Alana Kugelard, Human Biology
Olivia Andre, Business
Annalisa Rocca, Environmental Economics and Management
Keri Masserant, Applied Engineering Sciences
Courtney Martens, Kinesiology
Shannon Leary, Animal Science
Nicholas Williams, Physiology
Ben Kessler, Physiology
Makayla Lowell, Honors College
Michael Wischer, Biomedical Laboratory Science
Paula Salazar-Valiente, International Relations
Sabrina Harrison, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Audrey Von-Maszewski, Psychology
Paul Clancy, Neuroscience
Aradhya Agnihotri, Materials Science and Engineering
Matthew Cedarman, Lyman Briggs
Shea Slanec, Political Science
Kerrington Curl, Human Capital and Society
Alexis Frederick, James Madison College
Stephanie Lankfer, Biomedical Laboratory Science
Amanda Kommor, Business
Angelina Sdao, Genomics and Molecular Genetics
Caleb Rispler, Astrophysics
Nina Biundo, Neuroscience
Patty Katje, Nursing
Sarah Shareef, Human Biology
Anna Howey, Economics
Noah Doederlein, James Madison
Renee Hanna, Osteopathic Medicine
Celeste Rubino, History
Sofia Tiberio, Psychology
Delaney Johnson, Social Work
Jay Parmar, Neuroscience
Anthony Schulte, Biosystems Engineering
Jai Hyun Park, Political Science
Kelsey Kaczor, Social Work
Anna Rose Benson, Business
Samyuktha Iyer, Economics
Sylvia Jennette, Human Biology
Payton Calder, Psychology
Tuan Nguyen, Neuroscience
Macy Kurth, Biomedical Laboratory Science
Madison Meyer, Psychology
Sean Evers, Business
Devin Humphreys, Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy
Jyoti Prasad, Biomedical Laboratory Science
Anna Julie, Environmental Biology and Zoology
Ellie Clark, Electrical Engineering
Eliot Haddad, Human Biology
Abby Schuch, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Teja Mogasala, Human Biology
Holly Pummell, Environmental Economics and Management
Rylee Egan, Accounting
Salem Fezum, International Relations
Hailey Shah, Animal Science
Anna Kolb, Applied Engineering Sciences
Alton Kirksey, Kinesiology
Noah Batcha, Human Biology
Jon Schafer, Zoology
Carly Hendershot, Plant Pathology
Emma Robinson, Education
Janet Wetzel, Human Biology
Matt Misewicz, Fisheries and Wildlife
Naomi Hatch, Media and Information
Alexander Dawson, Environmental Health and Safety
Alexandre Wolf, Physiology
Manasi Desai, Human Biology
Vickie Le, Human Biology
Garrett Amstutz, Statistics
Joe Kirby, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Logan Krause, Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Ryan Wakely, Lyman Briggs
Samuel Tennant, Genomics and Molecular Genetics
Avery Tilley, Fisheries and Wildlife
Erin Eckerle, Human Biology
Lillian Meng, Political Science
Katherine Lauro, Human Biology
MacKenzie Desloover, Nursing
Srikar Kesamneni, Nutritional Sciences
Elizabeth Morrison, Environmental Geography
Kennedy Franklin, Physiology
Lauren Driscoll, Comparative Cultures and Politics
Sydney Brief, Human Biology
Ryann Whalen, Physiology
Madison Sewick, Neuroscience
Shayla French, Media and Information
Emily Brunett, Kinesiology
Nathan Seamans, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Raegan Vorce, Human Biology
Nicolette Monacelli, Neuroscience
Abby Struble, Physiology
Greg Landis, Chemical Engineering
Katie Boensch, Nursing
Connor Tinsely, Chemical Engineering
Fay Hargrove, Human Biology
Rachel Drobnak, Crop and Soil Science
Riley Hazen, Human Biology
Abbey Ozeranic, Psychology
Arya Newberry, Psychology
Jada Yearwood, Packaging
Julia Bazner, Human Biology
Colin Latta, Marketing
Abbie Barnum, James Madison