Published: March 20, 2019

MSU advisors receive 2019 Region 5 Excellence in Advising Awards

Contact(s): Kenneth Williams Jr. office: 313-525-6783

Ariel Robbins, academic advisor in the Michigan State University College of Natural Science and the Charles Drew Science Scholars Program; and Justin St. Charles, advising director of MSU’s Brody Neighborhood, have been selected as the 2019 Region 5 recipients of the Excellence in Advising awards from the National Academic Advising Association, or NACADA.  

“It is a great honor to receive the NACADA Excellence in Advising Award,” Robbins said. “I’m incredibly grateful to Dr. Caldwell and all of my supporters for their work and words on my behalf. I really love what I do and guiding students throughout their undergraduate experience, so  to have my efforts recognized by being selected for such a prestigious award affirms my core beliefs on advising and the work I do. It also affirms my personal purpose and professional mission which is to help young people grow, excel and reach their goals.” 

Designed to support student success, NACADA Region awards provide opportunities for recognition and professional development for advisors, administrators and graduate students.

“I am both honored and excited to be receiving this award from such a respected body of advisors, counselors, faculty, administrators and students,” St. Charles said. “Being recognized on a regional level is a truly humbling experience and I am so appreciative of the higher education mentors who helped to position me to be able to serve Michigan State University students in such a meaningful way. Being an academic advisor has sparked a passion in me and I have been motivated to devote my career to students, student success and higher education. Each of the students that I have met has inspired me to serve not just as an advisor but also as a mentor, teacher and confidant – they are a constant inspiration to me and I am dedicated to serving them.”