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Dec. 13, 2019

INFKNIT Apparel: The right place at the right time

Dec. 13, 2019

MSU Broad College of Business sophomores Jackie Smythe, supply chain management; Amanda Miner, business marketing; Olivia Miller, business management; and College of Natural Science sophomore Kathryne Rojeck, environmental biology, developed INFKNIT while studying business sustainability and entrepreneurship in Costa Rica through MSU. With the help of MSU Hatch, INFKNIT Apparel Inc. recently launched their first Kickstarter campaign.

The summer of 2018 was the summer INFKNIT was born. The team met by sheer coincidence, merely the right place at the right time. Each team member applied to Michigan State’s Freshman Seminar Abroad program studying business sustainability and entrepreneurship in Costa Rica.

INFKNIT Apparel is a product of this study abroad. Our program visited a wide variety of businesses ranging from small-scale coffee plantations to incubators utilizing venture capitalism. This meant the clothing we packed had to be equipped for outings with business executives but ready to withstand the hot sun outside plantations. All in a single carry-on bag! This is how the idea of reversible, versatile clothing came to life — clothing that keeps you prepared for any occasion.

One day, while at a coffee plantation called Life Monteverde, the class was challenged to pitch a unique business idea. We were instructed to form groups and brainstorm for only a few minutes. The team spontaneously grouped together and formed a casual pitch for what would later develop into INFKNIT.

We continued developing INFKNIT Apparel as the final project for this program required us to pitch again.

The final project was pitched to a larger panel of professors, but this time we had a more refined, realistic vision for INFKNIT. The panel loved the idea and encouraged us to pursue the resources at the Hatch, a business incubator on campus available to MSU students.

From the beginning, we formed INFKNIT Apparel centric of three main principles. INFKNIT is sustainable and respects the environment. INFKNIT lasts through seasons and style changes. INFKNIT empowers women.

INFKNIT’s first year of development was spent largely exploring our idea: creating business plans, sketching a logo, collaborating with interns and sewing a few prototypes. It wasn’t until we were put in touch with Josh York, an MSU alum, that our ideas became reality. Josh began his own clothing company, York Project, while studying at Michigan State and utilizing the resources at MSU Hatch.

A year and a half and three prototypes later, INFKNIT launched the first piece of the Loop and Love Collection through Kickstarter on Oct. 15. INFKNIT’s No.1 is a dress that can be worn in 8+ ways!

On our Kickstarter campaign, we are selling the No.1, scrunchies composed of excess fabric, recycled totes and sustainable stickers.

INFKNIT Apparel is revolutionizing the fashion industry by offering sustainably-made clothing that can be worn in an INFKNIT number of ways.

We hope to see INFKNIT in every closet.

By: Abby Rubley