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July 25, 2019

Eight staffers graduate from executive leadership academy

MSU is recognizing the recent graduates of the 2018-19 Executive Leadership Academy, who have spent the past year working to enrich their leadership skills.

Each fellow participated in a weeklong development program at the Center for Creative Leadership that focused heavily on the assessment of an individual’s leadership style.

The yearlong experience at MSU supports learning through monthly seminars designed to sustain the experience and facilitate goal achievement and self-reflection. Each seminar provides an opportunity to interact with leaders, network, collaborate and learn how the institution operates at its highest levels.

The goal of the program is to deepen and enrich participants' leadership skills and overall competencies to assist them in their current roles and to prepare them for future opportunities.

This year’s graduates include:

  • Katherine Cook, director, Sponsored Programs Administration
  • Mackenzie Fritz, associate director, REHS Central Administration
  • Rekha Khetarpal, financial analyst, University Services
  • Angela Knauf, IT assistant director, Information and Technology Services
  • Samantha Lake, assistant director, Solution Center, Human Resources
  • Stacy Nurenberg, service manager, Infrastructure Planning and Facilities
  • Jeff Rayis, director, Treasury and Financial Management
  • Mike Zeig, chief of staff, President’s Office

For more on the program, visit, under Executive Leadership Academy.

By: Christine Leese