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June 25, 2019

Andrea Uglietta: Undergraduate research in media and information

June 26, 2019

Andrea Uglietta is a recent graduate in the media and information program in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. She recently won first place in the digital media category at the 21st annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum.

I’ve been able to work with a media and information professor at MSU — both as his teacher's assistant within the classroom and outside in the community with various outreach projects. I need to know exactly what questions I’m going to ask at a shoot, what equipment I’m going to use and how to use that equipment properly on set.

Once that production is created, I go and I manipulate the footage and make sure that it’s telling the appropriate story. The goal is for the people we’re working with to not realize I’m a student, just realize that I’m a professional in the industry and to be able to execute a professional film shoot.

Michigan state has definitely helped further develop my skills; they’ve given me an opportunity that I might not get anywhere else. I’ve been able to fully immerse myself in every opportunity that State has had to offer and get the chance to use my skills.

I am going to be able to go into the real world with a new boss and a new set of employees and show them what I’ve learned. There’s no point in doing what you’re doing if you’re not going to make something that you’re proud of in the end.