Published: March 29, 2019

Alumni magazine finds a way

Contact(s): Stephanie Motschenbacher Advancement office: (517) 884-1129 cell: (517) 648-9945

“What a difference a year makes,” said Paula M. Davenport, MSU alumni magazine editor.

In spring 2018, Michigan State University was preparing a special issue of its quarterly alumni magazine, “Spartan.” While the published summer 2018 issue of the magazine ended up quite different from what was originally envisioned, an early version of the special issue was released by the State News. It became known as the “teal issue.”

According to Davenport, MSU alumni from across the country reached out to request the university publish the teal issue. A year later, the spring 2019 issue does just that. Excerpts from the teal issue as it existed in May 2018 begin on page 38 of the printed magazine. Additionally, the online teal magazine includes approximately 30 pages of content from that 2018 issue.

Davenport added, “we believe it is never too late to do the right thing.”