Published: June 6, 2018

WKAR makes FCC-required move

Contact(s): Julie Sochay WKAR Content and Community Engagement office: (517) 884-4773

WKAR Public Media, a PBS-affiliated station from Michigan State University, announced that WKAR-TV is now broadcasting on a new frequency, as required by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. Viewers who receive television free, over the air using an antenna, need to rescan their TV tuners to continue watching.

WKAR is the first station in Michigan, and the first public broadcasting station in the country, to begin broadcasting on their new assigned frequency. 

The frequency reassignments are part of the FCC's "repack" project to clear space in the broadcast spectrum for wireless broadband services and new digital TV technologies.

In 2016, the FCC offered TV stations across the country a chance to make millions of dollars by going off the air and giving up their TV licenses to the FCC spectrum auction. Some stations in Michigan entered the auction, were sold and are now off the air. WKAR chose not to participate in the auction and will be staying on the air to continue serving Michigan’s capital region.

No new devices, equipment or services are needed to continue receiving the local stations. Antenna TV viewers must should go into their tuner channel settings and rescan to locate stations after each makes their assigned change. After rescanning, WKAR will continue to appear at channels 23.1, 23.2, 23.3 and 23.4.

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