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May 23, 2018

Wellness app offers students instant access to counselors

Beginning June 1, Michigan State University students will have immediate 24-hour access to counselors through a phone app that will allow them to talk or instant message with someone for any mental or emotional issues they may be experiencing.

Serving the entire MSU student population, the My SSP app initially was available to international students last fall and was found to be highly effective, providing assistance with the option of getting help in their native languages.

In addition to putting counselors at students’ fingertips, help for a range of emotional and mental health issues is available from managing every day stress and anxiety to finding personalized support related to student life.

The app has a variety of other features too that gives students access to resources such as articles about learning to live away from home and videos that offer advice on friendships and other relationships.

 screen shot of wellness phone app  screen shot of wellness phone app screen shot of wellness phone app

Counseling services are provided through Morneau Shepell, a specialized benefits provider that offers health and wellness support to students at universities across the United States and Canada. All services complement existing on-campus mental health programs through Counseling and Psychiatric Services at MSU. 


By: Kathi Braunlich

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