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Students unite to remember 9/11

Four MSU student organizations will hold a 9/11 memorial event on campus at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 11 at The Rock next to the MSU Auditorium. Co-hosts MSU College Republicans, MSU College Democrats, MSU Young Americans for Freedom and Young Americans for Liberty at MSU invite all students, faculty, staff, administrators and community members to attend.

“It’s important that we set aside our differences to reflect on the day the world changed for us all,” said Ryan Guard, president, Young Americans for Liberty. “The dust may have settled, but the shock waves continue.”

"We are proud to stand united in remembering the lives lost on 9/11,” said Eli Pales, president, MSU College Democrats. “We must do all we can to thank first-responders and ensure they get the services they need as a result of their bravery.”

The students will paint The Rock for the event on Monday night. Students who wish to join them are encouraged to contact Ryan Guard at or (202) 643-1109 or one of the co-hosting student organizations.

By: Ryan Guard