Published: Jan. 17, 2018

Student projects recognized with MLK award

Contact(s): Stephanie Cepak Honors College office: (517) 355-2326

The Martin Luther King Jr. Advancing Inclusion through Research Award has been given to three Michigan State University students whose work supports the ideals of inclusive excellence through topics of inclusion, diversity and marginalized populations.

The award was created in 2010 to highlight the ways in which MSU students follow King’s legacy, using their critical and creative skills to understand and re-envision the world.

Student research papers and creative projects completed in 2017 and submitted by MSU members of the Honors College, James Madison College, Lyman Briggs College or the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities were considered.

First prize:

  • Residential College in the Arts and Humanities senior Brittany Wise for “Feminism and The Black Panthers.”

Second prize:

  • College of Arts and Letters and Honors College senior Peyton Del Toro for “A Queer Reclaiming of the Chicana Ego.”

Third prize:

  • College of Education and Honors College sophomore Florence Rhodes for “Teaching Intersectionality.”

The students will receive their awards during the All-University Excellence in Diversity Awards program on Feb. 1.

“At a time when Dr. King’s message continues to be as important as it has ever been, it is fantastic to see the number and variety of approaches and the creativity used by our students to research and advance inclusion,” said Kent Workman, director of student affairs for Lyman Briggs College. “Our students give us hope, for Michigan State University, our broader communities and humanity. We extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to all the students who submitted their research papers and creative projects to us, and to all those supporting this and other universities efforts for inclusion.”

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