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Feb. 6, 2018

Prabu David: A better tomorrow

Prabu David is the dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. On Jan. 31, he wrote a letter to the College of Communication Arts and Sciences community regarding recent events at the university.

It is a week after Nassar.

We are a welter of emotions. Horror, shock, disbelief, frustration, anger and disappointment. We have to pick up the shards of broken glass.

We see acts of courage. Courage of survivors who shook the conscience of a nation. Each solo voice collectively harmonized is an anthem for justice. Healing and restoration has to come soon. Spring is not far away.

We have to find a fiber of resilience, spun in green and white. We have to look failure straight in the eye and acknowledge failure with humility. We have to search for meaning in the broken shards and commit with steely resolve to restore lost dignity.

The search for healing is underway. I have received notes of affirmation. From an alumna traveling in New Zealand to a student on an elevator, I have heard hope in a better tomorrow. A hope that springs not just from faith, but from revulsion. Damn, we are better than this. Indeed, we are much better than this.

Many acts of courage, decency and normalcy still abound. Courageous students standing strong for what they believe. Free expressions painted on a rock. State News reporters dedicating their time to cover an ugly story with integrity. Faculty helping student reporters cope with the ugliness. Counselors and support staff ready to help a community whiplashed. Students wearing teal in support of survivors.

There is evidence of normalcy, as well. I visited a class yesterday to recognize the winner of a faculty impact award. We surprised her with green and white balloons. Students cheered and the professor was touched. Then the class resumed.

Adversity forges a new resolve. We must transform our culture. We must champion the voice of women at home and around the world. This campus was built on an ideal to serve. Generations have drawn inspiration from this ideal and we will work to reanimate it.

Spring is coming.

The College of Communication Arts and Sciences has a variety of upcoming community events in February intended to "promote debate and discussion, open our eyes to new perspectives and allow us to learn more about our community and how we can improve culture."